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96 Hours Hyip competition for partners

Participate in the 96 Hours Hyip competition and get monthly bonuses for attracting referrals!

1ST PLACE $ 300.00
2ND PLACE $ 150.00
3RD PLACE $ 50.00
Participate in the contest of 96 Hours Hyip partners!

The company runs a competition among users who actively promote the investment program. The competition is held on an ongoing basis with bonuses paid to the winners once a month.

1ST PLACE $ 300.00
2ND PLACE $ 150.00
3RD PLACE $ 50.00
Participation in the contest is available to everyone with a deposit $ 100.00

96 Hours Hyip holds this contest among active users of the investment program. Each month - on every 30th day of work of the project - we encourage customers who help us with the development of the company. The bonus is credited automatically after the winners are determined.

Leaders in attraction of investments can be seen in this section. If you are interested in additional bonuses from the company, you just need to use partner tools - a unique link and animated banners - that are located in your account. While attracting new investors, you not only earn a commission from each deposit up to 8%, but also get the opportunity to be on the list of winners of the monthly competition.

96 Hours Hyip TOP PARTNERS

Partners of 96 Hours Hyip, who help us in the promotion of the investment project. Every month Bitfine Limited holds a competition among best partners - leaders in attracting referrals.

USERNAME: arslannasir9090
USERNAME: hitech786
USERNAME: rosemizan