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96 Hours Hyip is a recognized leader in the multicurrency trading market and a well-recognized player at international cryptocurrency exchanges. We have prepared the best conditions for investors and we use the most profitable tools to ensure timely profit and encourage customers who help us in the promotion.

96 Hours Hyip specializes in multicurrency trading primarily in the Forex market. Having experience of work since 2015, we paid attention to the rapid growth and high volatility of cryptocurrencies and decided to get involved in this process. Extensive experience and skills that our traders have received in the past help not only predict the movement of prices, but also successfully apply this knowledge to conduct high-yield trade.

Relatively new direction of financial transactions requires a constant increase in the trade deposit, for which in 2019 we formed proposals for investors. Among them, there are large trust holdings, insurance companies, financial groups, as well as individual investors. Carefully developed strategy of financial development allows 96 Hours Hyip to operate confidently on cryptocurrency exchanges in any situation.

Total invested amount $ 209766.57
Today accrued profit withdraw $ 0.00
STEP 1Register on the website

To work in full with the 96 Hours Hyip investment project, you need to register. A personal account is a place where you can make deposits and withdraw profits, track all financial transactions, and work with the tools of the partnership program. The registration is free of charge.

STEP 2Create a deposit

In order to start investing, you need to log into your account and go to the deposit creation page. It is enough for you to enter the deposit amount and select the investment plan you want. Then choose the source of payment and just follow next system instructions to send deposit amount in most handy way.

STEP 3Wait for the profit accrual

The profit is added every 24 hours from the time you create your active deposit. Note that the server time may not match your current time. Check the crediting time in your account and compare it to the server time on the website. The profit is displayed on the account balance and depends on the chosen investment plan.

STEP 4Withdraw profit

Once the account balance has reached $0.05 or more, you can make a request for profit withdrawal. You can do it in the section "Withdrawal of funds". Sending the withdrawal request is mandatory for receiving the payment. Please note that all payment requests are instant and do not require additional commissions.

STEP 5Earn extra money

Do not limit yourself in earnings! Use partnership tools and get a reward for attracting new investors. 96 Hours Hyip offers a three-level encouragement system - 8%, 1% and 1%. Participate in the contest among partners and get monthly bonuses based on the results of your activities!